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Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi peoples! I'm having a sleepover with Bailea again, just like the good old days. It is about 1:05am here (the time below the post is usually wrong), Bailea fell asleep about 20 minutes ago while I was doing yoga, now I will just lay down on the futon matress with sleeping Bailea, play my DSi (I'm blogging on My DSi now in bed, that is why it's not in orange), and soon I will go to sleep. A few days ago in my band class at school, I got to a song in my music book that sounds beautiful, I will post a video of me playing it another time. Tomorrow I will go to Toys R Us and get a bunch of stuff (my dad has a coupon) I think that I will get a pokemon DS game and spend the rest of the money on fred stuff. Tomorrow I will tell you how all of that goes tomorrow. Now good night I'm going to join Bailea and sleep.

P.S.: I just started playing Wizards101 and so did Bailea and my dad.

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